Project Information
Main Investor Big Group
Technology support unit BDS Holding LLC
Design and construction unit BIG ADECO & HAI TAN LAND COMPANY
Project location Hoang Lien Street, Kim Tan Ward, Lao Cai City
Land area 742.3 m2 (Two areas: 525.5 m2 and 216.8 m2)
Construction area 1832 m2
Scale Two 5-story buildings: Hotel and Office
Token Information
Token Name Big Lao Cai
Token Type Utility tokens
Token Symbol BLC
Issuer BDS Holding LLC
Max Supply 100.000.000
Smart contract (BEP20) 0x15aC0.....88675

Distribution Token
Group Ratio Quantity
Team 20% 20.000.000
Marketing 10% 10.000.000
Private Sale 30% 30.000.000
Public Sale 40% 40.000.000


Two Office and Hotel buildings combined to create a closed complex with many utilities

Hotel lobby

The building has two lobbies: a Hotel and Office. The reception hall has an attractive eco-architecture style that welcomes visitors to stay.

Office Lobby

The reception hall is also a common utility space of offices. It is designed with luxury style and widens the view for guests.

Restaurant - Swimming Pool - Sky Bar

The facilities provide a valuable experience for the guests staying and for the staff working at the building. Restaurant serves buffet breakfast, intimate parties and relaxing outdoor swimming pool between the two buildings will attract you. On the rooftop is a Sky bar that brings an emotionally comfortable evening.

Hotel Room - Apartment

With an eco-design style, close to nature, the guests will feel like a resort in the heart of the center.There are a variety of room types: short-term rooms or serviced apartments for long-term stay, suitable for many different needs.


  • Located in a great location on Hoang Lien arterial road, where the intersection of main traffic routes such as: Vo Nguyen Giap, Tran Hung Dao, Noi Bai - Lao Cai Expressway... helps residents easily connect with the city. departments, departments, branches of the city, economic centers, commercial services and entertainment of Lao Cai city.
  • Easily move to Lao Cai International Border Gate as well as neighboring provinces such as Lai Chau, Ha Giang, Yen Bai, ...
  • Next to the Square, the big banks such as Vietcombank, Bao Viet bank, Techcombank
  • Busy area, center, convenient for office business, high-class hotel…


  • 100m to the City People's Committee. Lao Cai, 200m to Kim Tan Market, 350m to Hoang Long Kindergarten, 440m to Obstetrics and Children's Hospital, 450m to Le Van Tam Primary School, 500m to Hung Thinh Hospital, 1km to Nhac Son Park, 2km to the bus station and train station
  • Lao Cai is a city with an international border gate with China, where business and trade activities take place.
  • Besides, Lao Cai province also has many famous tourist sites, especially the famous tourist city of Sapa… The BIG Lao Cai office hotel project promises to be a place to rest, transit tourism and public cooperation of businessmen, experts, tourists from other provinces to Lao Cai, Sapa...


  • Certificate of land use right of two plots of 525.5 m2 and 216.8 m2

Effective cash flow

  • Prime area for exploiting hotels and offices for rent, business premises
  • Rental cash flow is expected to reach 10% per annum on invested capital.

Effective capital gains

  • Land frontage, central location, easy quick liquidity.
  • Expected to achieve at least 20% annual increase in value on invested capital.

Construction Progress

Different Feature
Prices increase with period distributions. Pre Sale, IFO
Bonus on holding, min APR 30% Pool BLC - BDS
Guarantee to convert into BDS pegging in USDT Guarantee Swap feature
Increase the guarantee price according to the mechanism of burning down the total supply Guarantee Swap feature
Vote for decisions related to real estate rental and transfer according to token holding ratio Project Manager feature
Enjoy the benefits of using the hotel and office at the Building based on the amount of BLC tokens hold Project Manager feature
Period Program Quantity Exchange Exchange Token Time
1 Pre Sale 1 (App) 5.000.000 0.05 USDT BDS 01/10/2021
2 IFO 1 (BSC) 20.000.000 0.07 USDT BDS, USDT 05/10/2021
3 Pre Sale 2 (App) 5.000.000 0,09 USDT BDS 20/10/2021
4 IFO 2 (BSC) 10.000.000 0.1 USDT BDS, USDT 05/11/2021
5 IFO 3 (BSC) 5.000.000 0.12 USDT BDS,USDT 20/11/2021
Note: Information could be changed according to the actual situation.

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